Saint Luke's Newsroom

Healthcare Executive: Ready for What's Next: Future-Proofing the Healthcare Workforce
Healthcare Executive talked to Julie Quirin, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Saint Luke's Health System, about how Saint Luke's is strategically planning for the future.
FOX4: Kansas City Woman Recovering After Having Stroke While Driving
FOX4 talked to Dr. Karin Olds about why time is of the essence when detecting a stroke after a local woman makes a full recovery.
FOX4: Stroke Hospitalizations Increasing Among Younger Adults
FOX4 talked to Dr. Karin Olds about what factors are have led to a rise in stroke hospitalizations among younger adults.
TCTMD: Dapagliflozin Boosts Health Status Across LVEF Range
Dapagliflozin improves symptoms and physical limitations in people with heart failure across the spectrum of ejection fractions, according to a pooled analysis of the DEFINE-HF and PRESERVED-HF trials.
Kansas City Star: Is it Allergies or COVID? With Cases Rising Around Kansas City, Doctors Urge Testing
The Kansas City Star spoke to Dr. Sarah Boyd about how to differentiate COVID and allergy symptoms as cases rise in the community.
Welcome Saint Luke’s Primary Care–Parkville Patients
Saint Luke’s Primary Care–Barry Road is pleased to welcome patients from Saint Luke’s Primary Care–Parkville.
Health News You Can Use: Children's Mental Health Crisis
Children’s mental health is in crisis. This week we are discussing the challenges for mental and behavioral health in the community for children, and why getting a child the help they need is crucial.
FOX4: The Great Resignation: Why People Are Leaving the Workforce and How Employers Can Change the Trend
FOX4 talked to Monty Miller, LCSW, about why so many employees are quitting their jobs and what employers can do to listen and change the trend.
KCTV: Local Expert Explains Impact of Substance Use on Adolescent Brain Following Charges in Deadly Olathe Shooting
KCTV talked to Amanda Davis, LPC, about the increase in adolescent substance use around the Kansas City metro and the impact of substances on a developing adolescent brain.