Saint Luke's Newsroom

Better KC: Women's Heart Health
Heart disease is a woman's number one health threat. In the past 25 years, Saint Luke's Muriel I. Kauffman Women's Heart Center has raised awareness for women's heart health and been pioneers on researching the different symptoms women can experience. 
FOX4: Co-worker Pays it Forward to Saint Luke's Patient After Giving Birth to First Child
A patient at Saint Luke's East Hospital got a surprise visit after delivering her long-awaited bundle of joy. FOX4 worked with a co-worker to pay it forward to the new parents.
Innovative Valve-in-Valve Procedure Allows Mother to be More Active
Jersita Samo had been dealing with heart issues for half her lifetime when it got to the point where she could not do her typical day-to-day activities.
KMBC: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Can Be Linked to Rare Form of Heart Disease
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects millions of Americans, but what most people do not know is that it can be linked to a rare form of heart disease. KMBC talked to Dr. Brett Sperry about a recent study and advanced treatment options at Saint Luke's.
KCTV: Saint Luke’s Working to Learn More About Pregnant Women with Heart Disease
After collapsing at work and losing her baby due to heart issues, Cheyenne is participating in a new study at Saint Luke's. KCTV talked to Dr. Schmidt about how it's helping pregnant women with heart disease.
FOX4: Doctors Say Shoveling Snow Can Increase Risk of Heart Problems
With another round of snow, you may have to shovel your driveway and sidewalks again. FOX4 talked to Dr. Hart about how shoveling can put stress on your heart and how to stay safe.
Heart Pump is One Tool Cardiologist Used to Help Save Area Sheriff's Life
As the sheriff of Livingston County, Steve Cox was used to calamities happening … to someone else. The 52-year-old was seeking a fifth term in office when his own heart stopped beating.
FOX4: Drinking Two or More Diet Drinks a Day Linked to High Risk of Stroke, Heart Attacks
A new study found drinking two or more diet beverages a day is linked to an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. FOX4 talked to Dr. Martin about the study's findings.
KSHB: Tiny Device Improves the Lives of Heart Failure Patients
A sensor smaller than a dime is helping doctors keep heart failure patients out of the hospital. KSHB talked to Dr. Andrew Kao about how the new technology works.