Saint Luke's Newsroom

KCUR: Youth Sports Injuries
Increased participation in year-round sports is leading to new sets of injury issues in young athletes. KCUR talked to Dr. Randall Goldstein about how parents can help prevent injuries like "Little League Shoulder."
FOX4: Local NICU Nurse Pays it Forward to Equipment Tech Who's Always There to Lend a Hand
FOX4 delivered a special surprise to an uplifting Saint Luke's employee who has been helping take care of babies in the NICU for nearly 30 years.
KSHB: KU Student, Singer Gets a Second Chance at Life
In a matter of weeks, KU student Darius Sheppard went from singing on stage to being too sick to stand. KSHB talked to Dr. Bethany Austin about how he received a new heart just in time.
Overcoming Hearing Loss, Mighty Melody Continues Writing her Own Song
Melody Unger loves to fill the world with sound. If the spirited 8-year-old isn’t singing, she’s humming, playing the drums, asking questions, or playing make-believe. But for the first two years of her life, Melody lived in silence.
Pharmacy Practice News: Oncology Pharmacists Linked to Substantial Cost Avoidance
Health systems without an oncology pharmacist may face unnecessary costs, according to new research. Beth Gustafson, a clinical pharmacist at Saint Luke's explains why.
The John Tesh Radio Show: Can You Exercise Too Much?
Dr. James O'Keefe says running too much can age your heart and undo the benefits of exercise.
KSHB: Stroke Survivor Realizes Dream of Opening Restaurant
At just 47 years old, Jesus Renteria suffered a stroke. KSHB talked to Dr. Andrew Schlachter about how the Saint Luke's stroke team quickly went into action to get Jesus back to his passion.