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Healthline: Hot Flashes Are More Than Annoying — They Could Signal Heart Disease
It was thought that a woman experiencing hot flashes was about to enter midlife, but now a new study suggests it could be something else - heart disease.
FOX4: Metro woman finds priceless relief from chronic migraines through Botox injections
Angela Florez was dealing with more than a dozen painful migraines a month until she tried a different treatment option. FOX4 talked to Dr. Jennifer Elliott about how Botox injections can be used for pain relief.
FOX4: Chiefs superfan celebrates anniversary of surviving near-fatal heart attack
After surviving a serious heart attack, Dan Boos came to Saint Luke's to show appreciation for his doctors and care team for saving his life.
Wright Memorial Physicians’ Group welcomes Khannah Smith, MD, to the medical team
Wright Memorial Physicians’ Group in Trenton is pleased to welcome internal medicine physician, Khannah (pronounced Hannah) Smith, MD, to the medical team.
Wright Memorial Hospital Launches Nurse Navigator Oncology Program
Wright Memorial Hospital recently launched a new program that will provide an oncology nurse navigator dedicated to easing the physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial hardships of living with and beyond cancer.
A Family of Fighters: Lynn’s Early Detection Story
Lynn vividly remembers how she felt when she found out she had stage 2 breast cancer at age 44, shortly after cancer claimed her sister’s life.
Media Coverage: Quarter of a million people expected to attend 2019 Plaza Art Fair
Over 250,000 people are expected to attend the Plaza Art Fair as Saint Luke's celebrates five years as the presenting sponsor.
KC LIVE: Saint Luke's celebrating five years as Plaza Art Fair presenting sponsor
Saint Luke's is celebrating five years as the presenting sponsor of the Plaza Art Fair and more than 135 years of serving the health needs of Kansas City.
After Stroke, Rehab Helps Susan Walk on Her Own Once Again
After Susan Rushing suffered a stroke and lost control of her left side, she trusted the team at Saint Luke's for her rehabilitation care.