Sudden illnesses are seldom planned for in the family budget. If you anticipate any difficulty in paying your bill, please contact Patient Accounting Customer Service at the number listed on your billing statement or learn more about financial assistance. Your charges are based upon the length of your stay and services you received. You’re charged for your room on your admission day, but there’s no charge for your room on the day of discharge. Hospital charges do not include your attending physician’s fees, the fees of other consulting physicians, or the fees of specialists who interpret tests. These physicians will bill you separately.

Need additional help with bill payment? Call the customer service number provided on your billing statement.

Online Bill Payment

We accept online payments for:

Online bill payment is available through the mySaintLuke’s patient portal and guest pay. If you’ve already signed up for mySaintLuke’s at your doctor’s office or during a recent hospital stay, log in with your username and password and then click on the billing tab.

For log in issues, please call 844-446-5479.

The mySaintLuke’s patient portal only accepts credit card payments. If you prefer to pay by check, please use the envelope enclosed with your statement to mail your payment.

Saint Luke’s Community Hospital bills are not available in mySaintLuke’s. Pay online or call 844-285-1005.

Please note: Bills generated before Oct. 1, 2017, at Anderson County Hospital, Hedrick Medical Center, or Wright Memorial Hospital and associated clinics are not eligible for online bill payment. Please follow instructions provided on the statement for payment.

Can I pay my child’s bill online?

Yes. If you are the guarantor on your child’s insurance, you will see your child’s bills in your mySaintLuke’s account. You will not need to set up proxy access to see your child’s bills. If you are not the child’s guarantor, you can use mySaintLuke’s Guest Pay.

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  • Hospital bills:
  • Saint Luke’s Community Hospitals:
  • Physician bills from the Kansas City metro area:
  • Physician bills from Anderson County Hospital, Hedrick Medical Center, Wright Memorial Hospital:
  • Home Care and Hospice bills:

If you’ve received a bill that was generated before Oct. 1, 2017, at either Anderson County Hospital, Hedrick Medical Center, or Wright Memorial Hospital, call customer service at the following numbers:

Patient Price Transparency

Saint Luke’s Health System is dedicated to providing patients with an accurate pricing estimate of our hospital services. Where applicable, a price estimate includes:

  • Facility charges
  • Physician charges
  • Costs covered by insurance
  • Patients’ out-of-pocket costs

To request a pricing estimate, please contact our Billing Department at 816-932-5678.

See Saint Luke’s Price Transparency policy (PDF).

Provider-based Billing

Some Saint Luke’s clinics are provider-based, or hospital-based, clinics. Services provided in these clinics may be billed differently than in a traditional doctor’s office.

What does hospital-based or provider-based outpatient clinic mean?

A provider-based or hospital-based outpatient clinic refers to services provided in hospital outpatient departments that are clinically integrated into a hospital. The clinical integration allows for higher quality and seamlessly coordinated care. Hospital-based outpatient clinics are considered part of the hospital and are not a physician office. Clinics located miles away from the hospital campus may still be considered part of the hospital.

Are services at hospital-based clinics billed differently?

Yes. The hospital-based designation is a Medicare status for hospitals and clinics that meet specific Medicare regulations and requires that we bill in two parts: one bill for the physician service, and another bill for the hospital/facility resources and services. Saint Luke’s Health System is not unique in this regard, as this is the case in many health care systems throughout the country.

For patients with insurance, physician services are processed under physician benefits, which generally require a patient copay. Hospital services are processed under hospital benefits, which are subject to patient deductibles and coinsurance.

How does this affect patients with Medicare or Medicaid?

Medicare and Medicaid patients will receive two separate bills for services provided in the clinic: one from the doctor, and one from the hospital. Patients will be responsible for any copays, coinsurance, or deductibles as outlined in their plan.

How does this affect patients with private health insurance?

Insurance carriers who have a contract with Saint Luke’s may not require the same billing process as Medicare or Medicaid. You may not incur additional expenses, but you should check with your insurance provider. It’s important to ask your insurance company these questions:

  • Does your health insurance benefit plan cover hospital charges in a hospital-based outpatient clinic?
  • How much of the charge is covered?
  • How much will be applied to the deductible?
  • How much will your coinsurance be after meeting the deductible?

What if I have secondary insurance coverage?

Coinsurance and deductibles may be covered by a secondary insurance. Check with your health insurance company for details.