Saint Luke's Newsroom

Flipping the Switch on Parkinson's: Mark's Story
After developing Parkinson's disease in his 50s, Mark came to the team at Saint Luke's Marion Bloch Neuroscience Institute. Watch the story on how asleep Deep Brain Stimulation proved to be life-changing.
ABC News: Saint Luke's nurse Abi Brittain receives 2020 Thrivership Award
After a devastating crash left Abi fighting for her life, she was so inspired by the nurses who saved her that she became a nurse herself to help save others. Watch ABC's Robin Roberts present Abi with the 2020 Thrivership Award.
The Beacon: How Kansas City metro COVID-19 restrictions compare to each other
Most of the Kansas City metro is tightening COVID-19 restrictions. The Beacon spoke to Dr. Marc Larsen about why eating out or going to the gym still comes with a higher risk.
KSHB: Experts warn COVID fatigue may lead to winter surge
Health experts are expecting a surge in COVID-19 cases this winter. KSHB spoke to Monty Miller about the importance of fighting COVID fatigue this holiday season.
FOX4: With more research needed, doctors urge those who recover from COVID-19 to stay cautious
Doctors say people who survive COVID-19 and develop antibodies should remain vigilant. FOX4 talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd about the chance of re-infection.
KMBC: Health officials warn COVID-19 cases remain high, surge expected
Health officials warn COVID-19 cases are expected to surge following Thanksgiving gatherings. KMBC talked to Dr. Ginny Boos about the key takeaway message for the rest of the holiday season.
KSHB: Research shows COVID-19 survivors should get virus vaccine
Once a vaccine becomes available, many are asking if those who have had the virus should get the vaccine. KSHB talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd to learn more.
Health News You Can Use: COVID-19 and the impact on the brain
On this week's Health News You Can Use, we talk about how COVID-19 can affect the brain and what neurologists are seeing at Saint Luke's.