Saint Luke's Newsroom

KSHB: Tips for Staying Safe in the Heat
Doctors at Saint Luke's offered tips for staying safe in the heat as hospitals see a slight uptick in heat-related illnesses.
FOX4: Doctors Prepared for Reluctant Parents as COVID-19 Vaccines Available for Youngest Kids
FOX4 talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd about how the change could help reduce the spread of the virus in the community.
Saint Luke’s East Hospital Awarded Center of Excellence in Specialized Prostate Treatment Accreditation
Saint Luke’s East Hospital achieved accreditation as a Center of Excellence in Specialized Prostate Treatment, recognized for providing the highest quality of care and patient safety by Surgical Review Corporation (SRC).
LSVT LOUD Therapy Restores Patient’s Speech
Diane Pence regularly spoke with colleagues at hospice and assisted living organizations that took care of people with end-stage diseases—that is, until she could barely speak at all.
Breast Cancer Survivor Survives SCAD Heart Attack
Sally was working when she felt a pain in her chest so bad it felt like someone punched her.
Health News You Can Use: Drug Overdoses and Alternative Treatment Options for Chronic Pain
Last year, drug overdose deaths in the U.S. reached an all-time high at more than 107,000, according to a report released by the CDC last month.
KCTV: Opioid Overdose Deaths Hit All-Time High in US, Including KC
KCTV talked to Dr. Jeffrey Foster about what local experts are seeing and alternative methods to manage pain.
FOX4: Doctor: Alternative Pain Management Key to Preventing Overdoses
FOX4 talked to Dr. Jeffrey Foster about how trying non-addictive pain management techniques before turning to prescription pain pills can help decrease the number of overdoses.
Good Morning America: More than a Dozen Nurses Pregnant at Same Time at Kansas City Hospital
The NICU/Labor and Delivery Unit of Saint Luke's East Hospital is experiencing a baby boom among its staff.