Saint Luke's Newsroom

Apr. 16, 2024
Double the Teamwork
Kelly Anspaugh received both a heart and kidney transplant at Saint Luke's.
Apr. 9, 2024
Trading Days for Years
Before his heart transplant, Robert Johnson had a hard time even cutting his grass. Now, after receiving a heart transplant at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, he is back to enjoying physical activities, like golf.
Mar. 12, 2024
Patient Finds Relief From a Lifetime of Pain
Deborah Sandler Kemper's back pain was unbearable. After seeking expertise from Saint Luke's Marion Bloch Neuroscience Institute, she has returned to her active lifestyle with no pain.
Feb. 18, 2024
Why I Give: Pat Fink
Pat and Barb Fink give back to Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute after Pat's experience with the team.
Feb. 18, 2024
Why I Give: Julia Bartak and Baby Blakely
Blakely was born at 24 weeks and received life-saving care at Saint Luke's NICU. Now her family gives back in honor of this great care.
Feb. 18, 2024
Why I Give: Megan Hereth and Baby Jack
Megan Hereth and her family raised money for NICU families struggling with expenses after their own experience with their youngest, Jack.
Nov. 7, 2023
Why I Give: Fast Stroke Care Leads to Gratitude
David Pecha suffered a stroke in 2017. After the Saint Luke's team helped David with the fast care he needed, David showed appreciation by giving back to Saint Luke's Marion Bloch Neuroscience Institute.
Sep. 26, 2023
Retired Physician Gets Relief from Debilitating Lower Back Pain with Innovative Minimally Invasive Treatment
After suffering from severe lower back pain for more than a decade, David found relief with an innovative treatment at Saint Luke's Pain Management Center.
May. 15, 2023
Missouri Liver Cancer Survivor Gets Life-Changing Transplant
Matt Dickhut jokes he’s never won the Powerball, despite decades of trying his hand. But he did win the lottery. Instead of a big check, his winnings came in the form of a new liver.