Saint Luke's Newsroom

May. 16, 2024

KMBC: Stroke Rates Double Among Younger Adults Over the Past 20 Years

During Stroke Awareness Month, KMBC talked to Cameron and Dr. Coleman Martin about how stroke can happen at any age.
May. 16, 2024

KCTV: Saint Luke’s Reunites Trauma Survivors with Medical Staff

For National Trauma Survivors Day, Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City honored local trauma survivors and their trauma team by hosting an event allowing everyone to reunite.
May. 10, 2024

FOX4: Lenexa Mom Grateful for Recovery After Hemorrhagic Stroke

FOX4 talked with Dr. Yifei Duan and the local mother of two who is grateful to be alive.
May. 9, 2024

KCTV: NICU Celebrates Mother's Day Early with Kangaroo Care

Mother's Day is a special day to celebrate and recognize the mothers in our lives.

May. 9, 2024

FOX4: Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has become very popular.

May. 2, 2024

American Heart Association: Anger's Role in Heart Attack Risk May Start in the Arteries

Dr. Suzanne Arnold weighs in on new findings that may help explain how anger contributes to the risk of having a heart attack.
May. 1, 2024

Consumer Reports On Health: Enjoy Life, Even with Heart Failure

Consumer Reports On Health talked to Dr. Bethany Austin and Austin Workman about strategies to improve quality of life for those living with heart failure.
Apr. 26, 2024

Health News You Can Use: Infertility Awareness

Dr. Rebecca Lobell shares what causes infertility and when a person should talk to their doctor about issues conceiving.
Apr. 24, 2024

KCTV: Infertility Awareness Week

KCTV talked to Dr. Rebecca Lobell about infertility and the steps a woman can take when she is trying to conceive.