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KMBC: People who spend time on ventilators face long road to recovery
After being on a ventilator, it can take a lot of hard work to get back to a normal life. KMBC talked to Dr. Brad Steinle and one local man who needed extensive rehabilitation.
KMBC: Rapid COVID-19 tests becoming more popular because of their accuracy
The use of rapid coronavirus testing is becoming more common. KMBC talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd about the difference between a standard and rapid test.
KCTV: CDC Retracts COVID-19 Changes

A new report on the CDC’s website over the weekend warned the coronavirus spreads easier than we thought.

KSHB: Blue Springs couple encourages organ donation after heart transplant
A Blue Springs man has his wife, doctors, and an organ donor to thank for saving his life after suffering massive heart attacks. KSHB talked to Dr. Andrew Kao about the incredible story.
Kansas City Star: COVID put a dent in blood supplies. These two drives encourage Lee's Summit residents to help
Months after COVID-19 took the U.S. by storm, a blood shortage continues in Kansas City and nationwide.
TCTMD: Pesco-Mediterranean Diet should be the gold standard, says JACC review
A Pesco-Mediterranean Diet with fish and intermittent fasting is optimal for heart health, according to a new review by Dr. James O'Keefe.
KSHB: Saint Luke's Crittenton Children's Center offers tips for student mental health during pandemic
With schools reopening the combination of virtual learning and isolation at home is really taking a toll on children.
MSN: Study: Pesco-Mediterranean Diet may be ideal for heart health
For decades, researchers have studied which diet works best for good health. Dr. James O'Keefe explains the positive effects this diet has on a person's body and what foods are best to eat.
KCTV: New study finds Pesco-Mediterranean Diet with intermittent fasting may be ideal for your health
A new study found the Pesco-Mediterranean Diet with Intermittent Fasting is the ideal diet to help prevent heart disease, dementia, diabetes, and to maintain a healthy weight. Lead author Dr. James O'Keefe explains.