Saint Luke's Newsroom

Courier Tribune: Saint Luke’s robot brings new surgical options to Northland patients
The Courier Tribune talked to Dr. Benjamin Kulow about the advantages of robotic surgery and how the state-of-the-art technology is advancing patient care in the Northland.
KSHB: US seeing national birth rate decline
KSHB talked to Dr. Lori Kramer about how many women are waiting to have children later in life.
HCP Live: The Significance of DAPA-HF for Cardiovascular Care and Beyond
HCP Live talked to Dr. Mikhail Kosiborod about the clinical impact of the DAPA-HF trial. 
KSHB: Patient helps raise awareness for NASH
Steve Lack, a patient at Saint Luke’s Liver Disease Management, talks to KSHB about his journey with NASH, why he participated in a clinical trial for NASH and still comes to Saint Luke's even though he moved nearly three hours away. 
KCTV: Saint Luke's Doctor Raises Awareness for NASH
Dr. Laura Alba, Medical Director of Hepatology, Saint Luke’s Liver Disease Management, talks to KCTV about what NASH is, how NASH affects patients, and why research for NASH is so important.
KSHB: 'Stop the bleed' increases shooting victim survival rate
The trauma director at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City, spoke with KSHB about the trauma team that mobilizes once an ambulance arrives, what has changed over the years in treating trauma victims, and why 'Stop the Bleed' is so important.
Health News You Can Use: Substance Use in Adolescents on the Rise Amid Pandemic
This week we are talking with Molly Pellettiere, Substance Use Counselor with Saint Luke’s Crittenton Children’s Center Substance Use Intensive Outpatient Program, about the rise in substance use in adolescents during the pandemic.
KSHB: Adolescent substance abuse on the rise amid pandemic
KSHB talked to Molly Pellettiere about how substance abuse in teens can impact brain development.