Saint Luke's Stories

Learning to Appreciate Life
Peaches Tutera Cunningham and her husband, David, welcomed their son, John David, into the world in 1996. Two short years later, John David was diagnosed with autism.
Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute Transplant #745
Andrew Widman was merely hours old when doctors discovered he had a rare heart defect called transposition of the great arteries.
Miracle Man Survives Traumatic Stroke Experience
Time is everything during a stroke. Birch laid on the floor in his home for days before he got help. Read his story and his miraculous recovery.
Rhonda Zacharias smiling at a restaurant
Innovative New Procedure Helps Local Woman Avoid Double Lung Transplant
Rhonda was hesitant to undergo a double lung transplant after learning about the risks. But thanks to an endobronchial valve procedure at Saint Luke's, Rhonda says she's been given another chance at life.
Side by side photos of David Clifton before and after
Three-time Heart Attack Survivor Takes Control of His Health
After suffering three heart attacks and struggling to manage his overall health, David Clifton turned to the team Saint Luke's Michael & Marlys Haverty Cardiometabolic Center of Excellence.
Don, a patient at Saint Luke's, connects with his daughter, Deb, on an iPad since she can't visit him in the hospital due to COVID-19.
Saint Luke’s Friends and Family Program makes it easy for patients and loved ones to connect amid COVID-19
Saint Luke’s Friends and Family Program has deployed 102 devices throughout the health system allowing patients to make connections they wouldn’t have been able to make otherwise.
Jim and Rosie cutting cake at their wedding.
Even a pandemic can’t stop a love like Jim and Rosie’s
Jim and Rosie Jordan met in high school and have been inseparable since 1952. With a no visitor policy at Anderson County Residential Living Center during COVID-19, Rosie still found a way to see her high school sweetheart.
Abi Sutton, RN, in her blue scrubs
From Saint Luke’s Patient to Saint Luke’s Nurse—A Journey of a Lifetime
After a traumatic crash, Abi Sutton spent months recovering at Saint Luke's Hospital. Inspired by the team that cared for her, she became a nurse at the same hospital 20 years later.
Lanny Wilson and his wife, Jane
82-year-old with COVID-19 Overcomes the Odds, Inspires Others with Story of Survival
Lanny Wilson's story has inspired thousands after recovering from COVID-19 at Saint Luke's, despite the odds.