Why I Give: The Blazar Family

“ My kids are thriving today because of those therapists. That's why I give.” — Lauren Uhlmann Blazar

As Lauren Uhlmann Blazar watched her young daughter Sophie grow and start walking, she didn’t think twice about how Sophie always walked on her tiptoes.

“We always just thought she was a sweet little ballerina,” Lauren explains.

When Sophie began going to school, a speech pathologist and occupational therapist from Saint Luke’s Hospital The Children’s SPOT examined her for developmental delays.

The specialists noticed Sophie was falling a lot because she was still walking on her toes. Ultimately, she was referred to The Children’s SPOT for physical and occupational therapy.

In just six months, Sophie showed remarkable progress thanks to special orthotics and compassionate therapy.

During a group therapy session with other kids during the Thanksgiving holiday, physical therapist Beverley Renfro had each kid say what they were thankful for.

While most kids were thankful for their toys or family, Sophie said she was thankful for her orthotics because she didn’t fall anymore.

Shortly after, Sophie’s younger brother, Will, began his journey with The Children’s SPOT.

Will benefited from occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy, all of which helped him become a better version of himself.

The thoughtful therapeutic strategies The SPOT provides allowed the kids to succeed at home, school, and beyond.

“The Blazar kids are kindhearted children, and you can tell they learn that from their parents,” Beverley said. “Lauren and Aaron are present in their children’s care and are remarkable role models.”

Lauren said early intervention makes a difference in every child The SPOT helps. Lauren and her family provide philanthropic support that benefits the nearly 900 children receiving services from The SPOT on an annual basis, regardless of any family’s ability to pay.

“My kids are thriving today because of those therapists,” Lauren said. “That's why I give.”

For more than four decades, The Children's SPOT at Saint Luke's has worked with kids in need of early and intensive rehabilitative therapy.

Saint Luke's is extremely grateful to the Blazar family and others like them, whose support allows The SPOT to continue caring for children in our community.

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