Clinical Pastoral Education Student Testimonials

The Clinical Pastoral Education program at Saint Luke’s Health System was a profound, foundational experience in my discernment and preparation for ministry. I learned that providing a caring presence is what ministry is all about. I learned a lot about myself, my pastoral identity and my calling to ministry in the personal encounters that took place in the hospital rooms as well as in the opportunities for reflection with supervisors, mentors and peers. I cannot imagine myself going into ordained ministry without my CPE experience at Saint Luke’s.

Sean K.

I am extremely grateful to have been a part of the first virtual extended CPE unit at Saint Luke’s.  Because of the Saturday classes, in-person and online, and being able to serve and remain living in my local community, I was able to complete my first unit of CPE! I learned valuable care giving training in a uniquely diverse class, which changed my ministry and my life! My supervisor was genuine and I gained valuable feedback, which has renewed my desire to pursue full-time ministry. I am looking forward to full-time residency at Saint Luke’s.

Angie S.

I am confident and comfortable with being present in difficult moments of people’s lives. The pre-CPE “me” would have been terrified at the thought of providing this type of care. CPE means the world to me and will have a life-time of impact. Thank you.

Doreen R.

The residency program at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City is extracting parts of my inner world, holding it up in front of me and allowing me to explore, discover and in some cases re-discover meaning and understanding of the Holy, pastoral and spiritual care of others and self. CPE here has allowed me space to explore my call to ministry, not just chaplaincy. I am pleased to say that in my educational journey at Saint Luke’s Health System is a key place that has allowed and is allowing me to construct a niche for ministry in pastoral and spiritual care.

Rhonda Q.