Saint Luke's Pharmacy Rotation Students

Saint Luke’s Health System Pharmacy has a patient-centered, integrated model where pharmacists are proactively engaged in medication selection and management with a multi-disciplinary team. We promote a layered learning teaching philosophy which allows students the opportunity to learn by engaging in patient care activities as pharmacist-extenders alongside other students and residents.

Our experienced, dedicated preceptors treat students as valued customers. Many of them are residency-trained and/or board certified by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties.

Introductory/Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

Introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences (IPPE/APPE) at Saint Luke's are scheduled in two or three month blocks. The block contains multiple rotations, so that a student generally spends a month on one practice site before switching to a new practice site for the next month. Students may have rotations at the following campuses during their IPPE/APPE block:

Additionally, for students interested in residency, we offer a five-month pre-residency track rotation block.

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We've found that block scheduling provides many advantages, such as the opportunity for students to become involved in pharmacy projects. Several of our past students have presented their projects at local, state and national pharmacy meetings.

How to Become a Rotation Student

Rotation scheduling will be coordinated through each student’s School of Pharmacy rotation assignment process. We have established relationships with the Schools of Pharmacy at:

  • University of Kansas
  • University of Missouri–Kansas City
  • Drake University
  • Creighton University

Students from schools outside of the area who are interested in completing rotations at Saint Luke's should contact us on how this may be set up.

Students are encouraged to contact us early to allow time for completing any necessary agreements or other requirements prior to the rotation year.

Contact Us

For additional questions or information, please contact a member of our System Pharmacy Education Team at