Saint Luke's Stories

Heart Attack Doesn’t Stop This Father From Hearing Daughter Say, “I Do”
The bride wore white. The father of the bride wore a blue floral hospital gown and electrodes. Hear how Saint Luke's made sure he could attend the wedding.
Saint Luke’s Vein Clinic Gets Kickboxer’s Legs in Fighting Form
Shanon Wolfe's varicose vein troubles were more than cosmetic. Although her legs didn’t hurt at the end of the day, more and more often they felt heavy and tired. It began interfering with her kickboxing.
Heart Transplant: Bodybuilder Gets Pumped Up
Chris Williams was a healthy guy. Yet, in January 2012, Williams could barely drag himself out of bed.
Parkinson's Disease: Plenty of Road
Michael Conley is passionate about riding his Harley. He loves the rush of fresh air, the time to think, and the excitement of traveling to new places.
The Turning Point
Matt Cobern found his old self again — by losing 135 pounds.
Ablation Treats Atrial Fibrillation
David Hartzler was the epitome of health, then he noticed that he fatigued easily. His wife suggested he see a doctor. That changed everything.
Critical Care Team saves Emphysema Patient
Wherever Vicki Hay went, Charlie went, too. To the grocery store, out with her husband, in her car. Charlie was the name Hay's grandchildren assigned to the oxygen tank.
Cord Blood Bank Donation

Sofie Sneed doesn’t know it yet, but the moment her mom delivered her on June 15, 2009, she did the world a good deed. The cells in the umbilical cord that was her lifeline for nine months became a potential lifesaver for someone else.