Saint Luke's Stories

Wife’s Demand Saves Husband’s Life

Just before his 60th birthday, Joe VonHolt was lunching with his wife, Bev, when he had a bout of what he thought was indigestion.

Saint Luke’s Helps Stage IV Colon Cancer Patient Stay in the Game
As 37-year-old Diamon Masterson watched his doctor study his CT scan results, he could tell from a puff of air that escaped the doctor’s mouth that the news was bad.
Deafness Can’t Quiet Mighty Melody
Melody spent 136 days in the NICU. She didn't respond to sound. Read about her journey to be able to finally hear.
Sallie Wickens is Back in the Saddle Thanks to Saint Luke’s
As Sallie Wickens boarded the LifeFlight helicopter in Climax Springs, Missouri, in June 2012, she had no idea it would be the last leg of a journey that started when she was 5 years old.
New Mom Comes Home to Saint Luke’s After Labor Scare at Another Hospital
Keely Bechtel hoped history would repeat itself. She had her first baby at Saint Luke’s South Hospital and planned to do the same with her second. But her obstetrician moved to another area hospital.
Fast Care Gets Golfer Back on Course
Every second of a stroke kills 32,000 brain cells. Pete Woods knew that as he dropped to the ground while playing golf on the course alone.
Two surgical Teams Save Pregnant Mom With Marfan Syndrome
Beth O’Connor hoped the sharp, searing pain that started in her chest and shot down to her belly was labor pangs and not her aortic artery coming apart.