Transfer a Patient

Saint Luke’s Patient Transfer Program: Doctors One Call

Physicians: To transfer a patient to a Saint Luke's facility, request a consult, or request recent discharge information, please call:

Steps to transfer a patient to Saint Luke's

Saint Luke's has streamlined the transfer/admitting process so you can connect with us 24 hours a day with just one quick call. Here’s how it works:

  1. Call 816-932-6200 or toll free 1-877-932-6200
  2. Talk with a registered nurse who will gather medical information and coordinate a call with the appropriate transfer physician for an immediate medical conference.
  3. Speak directly with the transfer physician.

Our call center is equipped with sophisticated transfer software that provides a real-time tracking board of all transfers, bed placements, and bed availability at each Saint Luke’s metro hospital.

What to Expect

  • Beds are assigned and vital services can be scheduled before the patient leaves his or her original location.
  • Nurses who specialize in transfers are always available to gather information from the sending facility when changes in patient status need to be communicated to the admitting physician.
  • For your Emergency Department patients (when appropriate), patients can bypass a second emergency room evaluation and be placed directly into a bed with a nurse prepared and patient report ready upon arrival.
  • The admitting physician is immediately notified upon the patient’s arrival and apprised of the patient’s medical history.
  • Time-sensitive procedures such as cardiac catheterization, neurosurgery, stroke treatment, and admission to the ICU will happen quickly.
  • Specialized staff involved in STEMI and stroke transfers at the receiving Saint Luke’s hospital will be involved on the initial call for special instructions prior to transport.


Referring physicians can call Doctors One Call when they need to consult a Saint Luke’s specialist about a patient in the hospital – either in an inpatient unit or the Emergency Department. Doctors One Call transfer nurses will gather information regarding the patient and will page the specialist requested. The nurse will set up a phone conference with the referring physician, the specialist, and the transfer provider.

If the patient needs to be transferred to Saint Luke’s after this initial consult is completed, the transfer physician and nurse will coordinate the transfer to the appropriate facility, allowing the referring physician to prepare the patient for transport.


Saint Luke’s hospitalists are available at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City, Saint Luke's South Hospital, Saint Luke's East Hospital, Saint Luke's North Hospital, Saint Luke's Cushing Hospital, Hedrick Medical Center, and Wright Memorial Hospital.

Important information about Saint Luke’s Hospitalist Program:

  • Hospitalists are on call to take your patient's admission 24/7.
  • Will provide services for your patient if they come through the Emergency Department.
  • Saint Luke’s encourages open communication between you and your patient’s hospitalist; our program is committed to giving your patients the highest quality of care.
  • History, physical, and discharge instructions will be faxed promptly to your office.

If you are interested in using our hospitalist program to care for your hospitalized patients, please contact our business office at 816-932-0340.