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Health News You Can Use: Young Adults Mental Health During the Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on many people’s mental health. Young adults have been hit particularly hard.

Health News You Can Use: COVID-19 and an Athlete's Heart
Dr. Anthony Magalski talks about the impact COVID-19 can have on an athlete’s heart as well as guidelines for Return to Play after a COVID infection.
Studies find transcarotid TAVR safest alternate, while minimizing hospital stays in the COVID-19 era
Transcarotid access was found to be the safest alternate option for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), according to two recent large studies. Dr. Keith Allen explains.
Health News You Can Use: New Treatments for Atrial Fibrillation
Atrial fibrillation - or AFib - is becoming more common among people in the U.S. Left untreated, AFib can lead to serious health complications.
Health News You Can Use: Updates on COVID-19 on the Heart
On this week's Health News You Can Use, we talk about if it is safe for people with heart issues to get the COVID-19 vaccine and about how the virus affects the heart.
Health News You Can Use: Impact of Vitamin D and Magnesium on COVID-19
This week we are talking about new research that shows magnesium and vitamin D can reduce the severity of COVID-19 infections.
Rochester Regional Health Joins the Cardiometabolic Center Alliance as a Charter Member
The Cardiometabolic Center Alliance (CMCA), founded by Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, is honored to announce the addition of Rochester Regional Health as Charter Member.
Medscape: Cardiometabolic Subspecialty Is 'One-Stop Shop' Approach to Diabetes
A one-stop shop approach to managing the spectrum of complications in patients with type 2 diabetes with a coordinated, multidisciplinary team of clinicians has taken root in at least two U.S. medical centers, and their efforts have now joined to take this concept national through the Cardiometabolic Center Alliance.
New Research Suggests Magnesium and Vitamin D Can Help Reduce COVID-19 Infections
The impact of COVID-19 varies dramatically between individuals due to variability in the immune system’s ability to fight it. For many, a simple strategy to bolster immunity is to get magnesium and vitamin D levels back into the optimal range.