Media Headlines

Reuters Health: Diuretic effect may not mediate most empagliflozin benefits in heart-failure patients
Reuters Health talked to Dr. Mikhail Kosiborod about what a new study's findings mean for patients with reduced ejection fraction and clinical practice moving forward.
FOX4: Kansas City health experts concerned about post-spring break surge in COVID-19 cases
FOX4 talked to Dr. Ginny Boos about the need for continued vigilance as restrictions ease and crowds gather over spring break.
KSHB: Vaccine may improve symptoms for COVID-19 'long-haulers'
KSHB talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd about how the COVID-19 vaccines could be helpful for long-haulers.
Iola Register: Moran man makes surprising recovery from COVID-19
Richard Dudley made a surprising recovery from COVID-19 after choosing to go home.
KCTV: Colorectal cancer increasing in younger patients
KCTV talked to Dr. Robert Amajoyi and Dr. Ben Kulow about when you should begin regular screenings, as well as advances in colorectal cancer treatment.
KSHB: Kansas City-area doctors say pregnant women can get COVID-19 vaccine
KSHB talked to Dr. David Streitman and Mary Williams about why pregnant women should talk to their doctors about getting the vaccine.
KMBC: Young colon cancer survivor warns others of rising trend
KMBC talked to one local colon cancer survivor and Dr. Megan McNally about the importance of screenings and paying attention to warning signs.
The Kansas City Beacon: Our Pandemic Year: Local woman reflects on COVID-19 hospitalization
The Kansas City Beacon talked to Susan Mikulecky who was hospitalized at Saint Luke's South Hospital for COVID-19.
The Kansas City Beacon: Our Pandemic Year: Bishop Spencer Place resident reflects on COVID-19
The Kansas City Beacon talked to Bishop Spencer Place resident Mary Moore about how the pandemic has changed her life and getting the COVID-19 vaccine.