Media Headlines

KCTV: COVID Cases Rising in KC, May Be Confused for Allergies
KCTV talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd about the rise in cases across the metro and how to best protect yourself this summer.
KMBC: Local Hospitals React to Rise in COVID Cases
KMBC talked to Dr. Sarah Boyd about the increase and when doctors are seeing severe cases.
FOX4: Maternal Mental Health Month: OB-GYN Encourages Mothers to Reach Out for Help
FOX4 talked to Dr. Sarah Pearl about when new and expecting mothers should reach out for help.
KCTV: Stroke Awareness Month: Know the Signs
KCTV talked to Dr. Karin Olds about why recognizing the warning signs of a stroke and knowing you could be at risk is critically important.
WebMD: Could a Broken Heart Have Killed Husband of Slain Texas Teacher?
WebMD talked to Dr. Tracy Stevens about broken heart syndrome and why doctors are seeing more cases. 
Good Morning America: Spring Babies Bloom in Adorable Photoshoot
They say that April showers bring May flowers. Good Morning America shared Saint Luke’s South Hospital's newest babies were dressed as flowers to celebrate.
KMBC: Kansas City Doctors Talk About Guns Being the Leading Cause of Death for US Children
Kansas and Missouri are among the worst states in the country for firearm deaths. Of the 50 states, Kansas is fifth-worst in the nation. Missouri is ninth.
TCTMD talked to Dr. Mikhail Kosiborod about the DEFINE-HF and PRESERVED-HF trials presented at the European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure Congress.
Healthcare Executive: Ready for What's Next: Future-Proofing the Healthcare Workforce
Healthcare Executive talked to Julie Quirin, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Saint Luke's Health System, about how Saint Luke's is strategically planning for the future.