Saint Luke's Hospital Crittenton Children's Center

Mental health services for children and adolescents in Kansas City

For more than 125 years, Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City Crittenton Children’s Center has cared for the behavioral and mental health of Kansas City’s children and their families. Our multidisciplinary treatment teams use evidence-based therapies to help children learn to regulate their emotions, build communication skills, and develop lifelong strategies for resilience and strength.

Backed by the resources of Saint Luke’s Health System, Crittenton Children’s Center is here for your child and family. As demonstrated by our Magnet® Recognition—a program that recognizes excellence in nursing—patient families can be assured their children will receive personalized care by a nationally recognized staff. Crittenton provides a safe environment where families can focus on healing.


Inpatient Hospitalization

Short-term care for children in immediate mental health crisis.

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Residential Treatment

Long-term psychiatric care for adolescents who display high-risk behaviors despite previous treatment attempts.

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Outpatient Clinic

Evidence-based therapy for children with mental health disorders or who have been exposed to trauma.

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Adolescent Substance Use

Proven, evidence-based help for teens struggling with substance abuse, and support for their families.

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In-Home Counseling

Evidence-based therapy and support for children and their families in their home environment.

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Foster Care and Adoption

Helping children in need find stable and loving homes.

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Call 816-765-6600 to schedule an assessment appointment for our Psychiatric Inpatient program.

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Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City Crittenton Children's Center

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Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City Crittenton Children's Center

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Community support

Crittenton developed Trauma Smart®, a highly-successful, trauma intervention model, to help children in preschool through 12th grade heal from complex or repetitive trauma. Schools, Head Start programs, and other organizations across the larger Kansas City region—and beyond—benefit from this innovative program.

Crittenton is always looking for caring volunteers, especially for our mentorship program. We need role models to provide teens with emotional support and help them develop the life and social skills needed to thrive as adults.

For current patients, view visitor guidelines, insurance, and billing information.

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Several of Saint Luke’s Crittenton Children’s Center programs are supported by the Children’s Services Fund of Jackson County. The In-Home Counseling Services program is supported by The Clay County Children’s Services Fund. These programs strengthen families and protect the mental health, safety, and emotional well-being of children.