Adoption and Foster Services

There are over 10,000 kids in foster care in Missouri. At Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City’s Crittenton Children’s Center, we believe every child has the right to grow up in a stable, loving home that meets all physical, emotional, and social needs.

Each year, Crittenton Children’s Center provides foster care case management and adoption services for hundreds of children in Jackson, Johnson, and Cass counties in Missouri.

Crittenton provides a wide range of services and resources for individuals and families who are interested in providing a loving, stable environment for children on a short-term or permanent basis. We help prospective candidates fully understand what becoming a foster or adoptive parent means. We’ll also provide education and ongoing support to ensure that the experience is a positive one.

We begin the process by answering all questions and asking a few of our own. A Crittenton resource development specialist assesses a candidate’s ability to provide foster care. The specialist will visit the candidate’s home to discuss common issues and misconceptions surrounding foster and adoptive parenting.

Upon successful completion of the assessment, prospective foster and adoptive parents enroll in a three-hour-per-week, nine-week training program.

Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City's Crittenton Children's Center

Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City's Crittenton Children's Center treats the mental and behavioral health care needs of children, adolescents, and families – in Kansas City and across the region.