Saint Luke’s GI Specialists Participate in Clinical Trials for POSE Procedure, an Innovative, Minimally Invasive Weight-Loss Surgery

(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) Sreeni S. Jonnalagadda, M.D., of Saint Luke’s GI Specialists, is among a select group of physicians nationwide chosen to participate in the Essential Trial, a research study to evaluate the Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminol (POSE) procedure, which is an investigational, minimally invasive weight-loss procedure, for FDA approval. Saint Luke’s is the only group in the region participating in this study.

The POSE procedure is performed without incisions using a flexible device passed through the mouth into the stomach. Through this device, research doctors use specialized tools to fold and suture the stomach tissue in specific, predefined areas. Designed to reduce the stomach’s ability to accommodate and stretch during meals, the POSE procedure reduces the capacity of the stomach, allows patients to feel full after eating smaller portions, and allows the sensation of satiety to last longer. The expectation is that patients will feel satiated with smaller portions and lose excess weight. 

“POSE differs from traditional invasive surgical procedures for weight loss because there are no incisions or scars, and patient recovery time is significantly reduced,” said Dr. Jonnalagadda. “Typically our patients have reported feeling back to normal within 2-3 days of the procedure.” 

The POSE procedure is completed in an outpatient environment by Saint Luke’s GI Specialists at Saint Luke’s Hospital under general anesthesia. The duration of the procedure is approximately 40 minutes. The Essential Trial includes a comprehensive weight-loss support program overseen by nutritionists, physicians, and nurses. Patients with a BMI of between 30 and 40 may be eligible for the POSE procedure.

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