Saint Luke's GI Specialists

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Saint Luke's GI Specialists diagnose and treat diseases of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and biliary system. This referral-based practice offers multidisciplinary care in four convenient, patient-friendly offices and outpatient surgical centers.

Our team of specialists treat the full range of GI disorders, including:

To provide optimal care for our patients, our practice also collaborates closely with Saint Luke’s Liver & Transplant Specialists and Saint Luke’s Surgical Specialists.

Forms for your visit

Please complete and bring the forms to the receptionist when you check in for your appointment. This will make your check-in process smoother and quicker.


  • Colonoscopy (GI study of the large intestine/colon)
  • EGD (upper GI endoscopy)
  • Sigmoidoscopy (anoscopy/proctoscopy)
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
  • Video capsule endoscopy
  • Therapeutic endoscopy
  • EUS (endoscopic ultrasound)


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Appointment Information

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment so that the necessary paperwork can be completed and your copayment collected. If you must cancel your appointment for any reason, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice.

We handle prescription refills during normal office hours only. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for a refill request. 

Copays and outstanding balances need to be paid at the time of service.


Saint Luke's GI Specialists

Saint Luke's GI Specialists

Saint Luke's GI Specialists

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