Lawrence Times: Promise of Transplant Begins to Awaken Family from 'Nightmare' Year of Illness and Loss

April 28, 2022

Life was different for Angela Dotson in early 2021. A young working mom, she frequently dropped off her son with his grandpa while she worked and struggled to get on her feet. One year later, however, illness has taken her father, her job, her independence, and her health, but the recent promise of a kidney transplant means hope is on the horizon.

Angela, 27, was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease in March 2021, three months after recovering from COVID-19.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins report that more than 30% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 develop some form of kidney injury, and 50% of those patients require dialysis. Over time, approximately two-thirds of those patients will regain kidney function, but one-third will require ongoing treatment, dialysis, or even transplant.

After being approved for a kidney transplant by Saint Luke's Liver & Transplant Specialists, Angela is currently on the transplant waiting list. 

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