KMBC: Doctors say Kansas City seeing spike of flu cases after Chiefs Super Bowl victory

February 10, 2020

Doctors say a recent jump in flu cases across the metro may be a side effect of the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win, with people in large groups, sharing food, and traveling.

The flu season hit early this year, and doctors have seen a steady number of cases with two noticeable spikes after the holidays and after the Chiefs' big victory.

"Because everybody had those Super Bowl parties and everybody traveled and everybody gets all this exposure just like it's a holiday," Dr. Stephanie Davis, an emergency medicine physician at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City, told KMBC.

Dr. Davis said there is some good news, however. Even though flu cases are up locally, severity is down as milder symptoms mean fewer hospitalizations.

Watch KMBC's full story below.

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Stephanie Lynn Davis, DO

Emergency Medicine