Saint Luke's Health System hired Innova Emergency Medical Association to provide board-certified emergency medicine physician to care for patients at Allen County Regional Hospital (ACRH).

Starting in July, a team of physicians specializing in rural emergency care took over the ER departments at ACRH and Anderson County Hospital (ACH). 

The Iola Register spoke with Dr. Pete Byers, the medical director for both ACRH and ACH, and Dr. Laura Edgerley-Gibb, Innova’s chief medical officer, about their love for rural health care and what they hope to bring to the local communities. 

“We’re here to stay,” said Dr. Byers. “We’re not temporary. We’re not filling in a gap. We’re here for the long term to partner with these hospitals.”

“We know how to manage really critical patients and a lot of our training is in trauma, so if there’s a bad trauma — a gunshot wound or someone falls off a horse — they’re going to come here to be stabilized," said Edgerley-Gibb. "We can provide much of the level of emergency care that you might get in an urban center."

Read Iola Register's full article: "A New Era for ER"

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