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FOX4: Doctor uses new device to save woman with advanced pulmonary embolism

October 12, 2018

A new device, the Flowtriever, is used at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City to treat advanced pulmonary embolism patients. Pulmonary embolism is when blood clots travel to the lungs. The Flowtriever can remove blood clots from the lungs without having to use clot dissolving medications, which some patients can’t have, or surgery.  

Saint Luke’s is the only hospital in the region that has this technology. Acute pulmonary embolisms are extremely serious and often fatal and having this treatment available in Kansas City is an incredible resource for patients. Lynne Haug is one of them.

Lynne had been feeling tired, sluggish, and even had involuntary movements with her arms and legs. A CT scan revealed a brain tumor. She had surgery on May 31st and went home soon after to recover. 

On Father's Day, she was getting ready to go to dinner with her husband to celebrate but her body had a different plan. She looked at her husband and suddenly couldn't focus on him or breathe. She went to Saint Luke's South Hospital and was immediately transported by LifeFlight to Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City. 

Dr. Kenneth Cho, an interventional radiologist at Saint Luke's, was very concerned she wouldn't make it through the night. Due to her recent cancer surgery, she wasn't able to receive clot dissolving medication and wasn't a candidate for surgery. The Flowtriever was her only option. 

Lynne and Dr. Cho spoke with FOX4 about her story and how the Flowtriever helped save her life. 

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Kenneth Huenku Cho, MD

Interventional Radiology & Diagnostic Radiology, Radiology