FOX4: Clinical Trial at Saint Luke's Might Have Saved Man from Heart Failure

New technology at Saint Luke's might have saved a man from heart failure.

After dealing with a scary fainting episode and being shocked by his defibrillator several times, John Warner participated in a research study for the CardioInsight Mapping Vest at Saint Luke's East Hospital.  The vest was able to pinpoint the exact source of his irregular heart rhythm and help cardiologists correct it. 

"What it allows us to do is non-invasively, without a single catheter in his body, we can simultaneously record the electrodes around his body to actually get a full map of the heart in as little as one heartbeat," said Dr. Sanjaya Gupta, a cardiologist with Saint Luke's Cardiovascular Consultants.

Saint Luke's is one of 10 hospitals in the country to offer the vest. It is the only hospital in the metro to do so.

Watch FOX 4's full story below.

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Sanjaya K Gupta, MD

Cardiology, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology