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America's Healthcare Advocate Radio Show: Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute COVID-19 Podcast

May 28, 2020

Join Cary Hall, host of America's Healthcare Advocate, as he interviews Dr. Michael Main, Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute Co-Executive Medical Director, to get an inside look at what Saint Luke's is doing amid the COVID-19 pandemic and how people in the community can help as restrictions lift.

Segment 1 (starting at 2:35)

  • COVID-19 update: Where are we now?
  • Importance of continued social distancing and following of other public health recommendations

Segment 2 (starting at 9:49)

  • How Saint Luke's is protecting patients and staff
  • Why people should not put off seeking treatment due to fear of the pandemic

Segment 3 (starting at 18:20)

  • How Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute is utilizing telemedicine
  • DARE-19: The clinical trial for COVID-19 started by a Saint Luke's cardiologist

Segment 4 (starting at 28:52)

  • Thoughts on Remdesivir and other clinical trials and research taking place for a COVID-19 vaccine and treatments
  • What people should continue to do as restrictions lift

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