America's Healthcare Advocate Radio Show: Saint Luke's Coronavirus Podcast

Join Cary Hall, host of America's Healthcare Advocate as he interviews Dr. Marc Larsen, Saint Luke’s Operations Section Chief for Incident Command and Emergency Medicine Physician, for a behind the scenes look at what our front line professionals and all of their support staff are doing to confront and overcome the COVID-19.

Segment 1 (starting at 2:00)

  • The response of Saint Luke's staff
  • Saint Luke's preparedness and response for COVID-19

Segment 2 (starting at 11:23)

  • Saint Luke's sampling and testing
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Support for our Saint Luke's staff

Segment 3 (starting at 22:45)

  • Saint Luke's employees going home to their families
  • Focusing on the why:
    • Importance of masks
    • Washing your hands and social distancing
  • How the peak of the curve will highly effect our healthcare system
  • Thinking logically about wiping down your car, groceries to keep your family safe

Segment 4 (starting at 32:41)

  • How effective telemedicine can be and the extra layer of protection it provides
  • Why getting outside is important while keeping social distancing


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