Kansas City Star: 'We are the front line.' KC nurses share fears, joys of caring for COVID-19 patients

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of life for all Americans, but nowhere is the transformation as pronounced as inside hospitals. 

The pandemic has underscored the key mix of medical care and emotional support that nurses always provide. Only now, they’re doing more of both.

With access to contagious patient rooms limited, nurses in some hospitals are taking over tasks usually completed by support staff. And without visitors, patients — whether they’re admitted for coronavirus or another ailment — rely even more on their interactions with nursing staff for their social well being.

The Kansas City Star talked to two Saint Luke's COVID-19 nurses, Rebecca Rice and Joan Pool, along with several others around the metro who are putting their own safety on the line to selflessly care for others

“Helping people and being in that team environment, I’m just not sure why more people don’t want to be bedside nurses,” Pool said. “I feel like we give a lot, but at the end of the day, I think we also take a lot of good rewards home.”

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