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It holds eight beds for emergency services and eight for inpatient care, as well as a pharmacy, in-house laboratory, and imaging. The main focus of the micro-hospital model is convenience, saving a trip to the downtown emergency room.
You can use food everyday to help heal your body. The FAME program teaches you just that - how to take care of your body, improve diet and lifestyle.
Saint Luke's is sharing heart healthy messages for Valentine's Day.
Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) is a 12-week program offering nutrition education classes on a variety of topics to help improve diet and lifestyle.
Experts at Saint Luke's Crittenton Children's Center says you can use Valentine's Day to teach your kid about healthy love and what it is. 
A Saint Luke's exercise therapist talks with Joel Nicholas from KSHB about keeping your heart healthy.
Chris Williams has become an honorary member of the Saint Luke's family and it does our hearts good to celebrate another Heart Month with him!
As Valentine's Day approaches, we have a local love story that - quite literally - saves lives. Hear how Dr.
One of our patients experienced strange flashes in her eye - like seeing the flash of a camera - that lasted almost a minute. She intended to make an appointment with her eye doctor, but forgot.
With Valentine's Day right around the corner, love is in the air. The day is also National Organ Donor Day. One man who received the gift of life is excited to celebrate both this year.