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Six sets of twin born at Saint Luke's East in 2015 celebrate their third birthday together.
One in five adults in the United States have GERD—and that number is growing. LINX is a new device and can help patients with severe heartburn and acid reflux get back to a more normal life.
Untreated central sleep apnea can not only lead to extreme fatigue and memory loss but also much more severe side effects including diabetes, congestive heart failure, and death. The FDA approved a new device which has shown very promising results. 
Trial device helps Seabrun “Candy” Hunter’s worn heart valve pump at a steady beat.
EMS Director Scott Harris will teach proper bleeding control techniques, including how to use your hands, dressings, and tourniquets in the event of a severe wound.
Strokes can leave patients immobile. Saint Luke's has a robotic piece of equipment, the Andago, that helps stroke patients get their mobility back. 
Three patients receive a kidney transplant and the gift of another chance at life on Christmas day.
Influenza is hitting the area harder and earlier this year compared to 2016. Missouri is one of 12 states seeing "widespread" influenza cases in its most recent data from week 49 (December 3rd thro
Saint Luke’s Health System, in conjunction with Mosaic Life Care, announced today it will assume ownership of six Mosaic Life Care clinics in Kansas City.
Addition of Saint Luke’s South Hospital Radiation Center completes final piece of comprehensive oncology service in Johnson County.