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Kansas City joins other cities reporting an uptick in scooter-related injuries following the arrival of companies like Lime and Bird and their products' rising popularity.
Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute reached it's 800th heart transplant. Flags are flying to honor the huge milestone.
Metastatic Breast Cancer is one of the most feared diagnoses but there are advances in treatments to help women who diagnosed.
You can use food everyday to help heal your body. The FAME program teaches you just that - how to take care of your body, improve diet and lifestyle. Here is a recipe that's packed with nutrients and can help fight off various cancers.
A new report from the CDC says liver cancer deaths have increased 43% for American adults in the past 16 years.
Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute just reached a huge milestone – it performed its 800th heart transplant.
Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute is celebrating a major milestone with the help of a heart transplant patient.
Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute celebrates its 800th heart transplant. Henry Meyers, from Springfield, Missouri, gets a second chance at life after 8 years of battling heart failure. 
For many years, Don suffered from severe back pain. After exploring options he came to Saint Luke's and had a minimally invasive spine procedure that took all his back pain away.
Saint Luke’s program is one of few nationwide to record 800 transplants.