Cardio Wellness Center Patient Reviews

When I came to Cardio Wellness Center, they helped me realize that what I was doing wasn’t just hurting my heart, but my general well-being.

 - Michael, Age 55, Columbia, MO

If it weren’t for Cardio Wellness my life would be completely different.

 - Jennifer, Age 47, Kansas City, MO

I am a 66 year old man with four stents in my heart. This is the 10th year of my association with the Cardio Wellness Clinic in which I have participated in cardio maintenance program to monitor medications, lab results, lifestyle choices and risk factors on a quarterly basis. It is due to this rigid Wellness program that I attribute my progress in combating my history of heart disease. I wish to express my appreciation to the Cardio Wellness staff for the many years of lifesaving medical advice and encouragement. It is my belief that the Cardio Wellness Clinic is on the leading edge of prevention cardio care in the country.

 - David, Age 66, Pittsburg, KS

The “From the Heart” newsletters are the best. I love to read them… so inspiring, educational and motivating. Dr. O’Keefe, Dr. Moe and the Cardio Wellness team offer so much more than a typical office visit. The program has changed my life and changed my health for the better. I cannot thank you all enough.

 - Dan, Age 55, Olathe, KS

I want to thank you for your sincere interest in providing the best treatment for my cardiovascular problems. You also willingly spent extra time during my last appointment and two subsequent phone calls providing helpful follow-up information. You leave no stone unturned in answering my questions, and even had Dr. O’Keefe call me the very next day. His call was helpful and reassuring. You are efficient and I want to thank you for your extraordinary efforts. Your interest, extra time, knowledge and prompt service were greatly appreciated. See you again at my next visit.

 - Al, Age 78, Independence, MO

I got more out of my first session with you than I have in the past 8 years with my other health care providers. I was amazed at how thorough your risk assessment and recommendations are. I am motivated to work on improving my health. Thanks to all your staff for making my first session so informational, pleasant and encouraging.

 - Jacqueline, Age 65, Kansas City, MO

I want to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate all you and Dr. O’Keefe have done for me since my first appointment with you. I truly am committed to my new and improved eating and exercise lifestyle. Thank you and your staff for always being there for me.

 - Sally, Age 72, Lenexa, KS

We want to thank you for helping us find a primary care physician. What a match that was for both of us. Most of all we appreciate your kindness and concern for my husband’s health. We have been blessed from the start in so many ways. You interest in our welfare started the ball rolling. We will never forget! You have enriched our life. Thank you.

 - Tony and Becky, Age 45 & 50, Liberty, MO

The Cardio Wellness staff have been wonderful to work with. My cholesterol has dropped by half.

 - Linda, Age 45, Raytown, MO

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