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Our program is specially designed to reduce the risk of heart disease by providing individualized care based on specific needs and risk factors.

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Saint Luke's is now offering virtual visits with providers at this clinic. Call the clinic to schedule a virtual appointment.

Saint Luke’s Charles & Barbara Duboc Cardio Health & Wellness Center is committed to helping you manage your risk for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, atrial fibrillation (AFib), and stroke. We provide one-on-one consultations and immediate feedback to help you:

  • Better understand and manage your potential and existing risk factors
  • Stay on track with lifestyle changes, medications, and/or supplements
  • Achieve optimal health and longevity

Our program attracts patients throughout the world because it makes a difference in their lives.

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Oct. 25, 2023

New York Times: Even Short Runs Have Major Health Benefits

Dr. James O'Keefe explains why even short runs have major health benefits.
Sep. 8, 2022

Research Shows Vegan Diet Leads to Nutritional Deficiencies, Health Problems; Plant-Forward Omnivorous Whole Foods Diet Is Healthier

Newly published review led by Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute cardiologist reveals negative health impacts of a strict vegan diet
May. 3, 2022

Washington Post: Magnesium: ‘An Essential Nutrient’ for Your Body

Dr. James O'Keefe explains why magnesium is an essential nutrient for a healthy life.
Mar. 18, 2022

Consumer Reports: The Benefits of Magnesium

Consumer Reports talked to Dr. James O'Keefe about the many health benefits of magnesium.
Mar. 15, 2022

FOX4: March Brings Perfect Lineup for ‘Holiday Heart’ Concern

FOX4 talked to Dr. James O'Keefe about how overindulging in alcohol and salty foods can lead to 'holiday heart.'
Sep. 30, 2021

New York Times: How Much Exercise Do We Need to Live Longer?

Two large-scale new studies of the relationship between physical activity and longevity show that the right types and amounts of physical activity reduce the risk of premature death by as much as 70 percent.
Nov. 16, 2020

New Research Finds Promising Therapy to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

A new study co-authored by Saint Luke’s cardiologist James O’Keefe, MD suggests that therapies to block a hormone called TNF can greatly reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
Oct. 28, 2020

The Peter Attia Drive: James O’Keefe, MD: Preventing cardiovascular disease and the risk of too much exercise

Dr. James O'Keefe explains how much exercise is too much and what impact it can have on the body, plus much more on preventing heart disease in this episode of The Peter Attia Drive Podcast.


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