Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a malfunction of the electrical system of the heart, resulting in abrupt loss of normal heartbeat. Ventricular fibrillation is the most common life-threatening heart rhythm associated with SCA.

Did you know:

  • SCA occurs most predominantly in athletes aged 15 to 25
  • SCA is the leading cause of death in young athletes, accounting for 75 percent of all deaths
  • Sixty to 80 percent of athletes have no symptoms prior to their SCA
  • Ninety percent of SCA occurs during training or competition



  • Chest pain during exercise
  • Fainting during or after exercise
  • Unusual shortness of breath during exercise
  • Racing or irregular heartbeat during or after exercise

Saint Luke’s Athletic Heart Clinic

  • Provides a comprehensive evaluation for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)
  • Offers early treatment, patient education, and ongoing follow-up
  • Collaborates with multiple subspecialty cardiology experts
  • Provides the latest recommendations governed by the American College of Cardiology

Our screening package includes:

  • Comprehensive cardiovascular history and physical examination
  • Electrocardiogram to measure the electrical activity of the heart
  • Echocardiogram that uses ultrasound waves to show the heart valves, size, and movement
  • Blood pressure measurements and immediate results
  • One-to-one consultation


Anthony Magalski, MD, Athletic Heart Clinic medical director, has worked with the NFL for 14 years and oversees examinations for the University of Kansas Athletic Department. Dr. Magalski has received grant funding from the NFL to further his research on athletes’ hearts.

Each cardiologist and nurse who works in the Athletic Heart Clinic is specially trained in the unique structures and needs of an athlete’s heart.

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Sudden cardiac arrest strikes about 100 male and female athletes each year.