Trauma Smart being implemented in North Kansas City School, Linden West

Saint Luke's Crittenton Children's Center's Trauma Smart model is being implemented in North Kansas City School, Linden West. 

With Trauma Smart in place, you’ll have an environment where all of the adults in a child’s life have the knowledge to help. Parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, school bus drivers and ancillary school staff are all prepared to spot the signs of trauma and help kids cope and heal.

Developed by experts at Crittenton Children’s Center, Trauma Smart is working in schools across the country. We prepare children for social and academic success.

  • Actively includes parents in their child’s school experience
  • Improves the work environment for teachers and school personnel
  • Creates practical and enduring change for children, families and communities

The Trauma Smart model is founded on evidence-based interventions recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the National Child Traumatic Stress Network to be effective in helping children and the adults who care for them effectively address the negative impact of violence and trauma.

When teachers and caregivers have the information and skills they need to assist children who have experienced trauma, the school environment improves for all children. Children who have been affected by trauma are better prepared to succeed in school and have the skills and relationships that build resiliency against future experiences.