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Saint Luke’s North shell-ebrates new babies during shark week

“It has been a rough year for everyone and to see how far we have come from last year we wanted to make a big splash!” - Kadie, Saint Luke’s North Maternity Nurse Manager

July 14, 2021

Saint Luke’s North Hospital Maternity and NICU staff celebrates “baby” shark week for the second year. No one had COVID-19 and giving birth during a pandemic as part of their birth plan. The staff at Saint Luke’s North wanted to do something special for families to make this time even more memorable.

The love one of our Saint Luke’s North obstetricians, Dr. Rebecca Hamel, has for Shark Week created an idea last year for something special for families who deliver at the hospital during our own Baby Shark Week.

“I have been watching Shark Week since the early 90’s when it was brand new,” said Dr. Hamel. “I remember my mom staying up late recording it because it was past my bedtime. I would watch them later on VHS. I have never missed one and it has kind of been my thing.”

In 2020, the staff created foam shark headbands at the hospital with strict guidelines for the new babies. This year, a few nurses and Dr. Cicy Li, OB-Gyn Saint Luke’s Women’s Health North, crocheted baby shark hats for the new arrivals that families will be able to take home with them.

“Last year, I hadn’t started yet, but I had seen all of the social media Saint Luke’s had done on baby shark week,” said Dr. Li.  “I was kind of jealous. So, I was really excited to be able to be a part of it this year!”

To make it all come together took coordination and the team started planning and creating the hats weeks in advance. They even decorated the unit in baby shark and ocean décor.

“We are very excited to give these out this year,” said Kadie, Nurse Manager for Saint Luke’s North Maternity. “It has been a rough year for everyone and to see how far we have come from last year we wanted to make a big splash!”

Each hat took between one and two hours to complete.

“I think it is a really fun thing to do to celebrate with the families,” said Dr. Li. “Hopefully we have enough hats for all of the birthdays that we anticipate!”

“Childbirth is a really great event in itself and it is really special for these moms and this just gives us something special to make it different and make it more memorable,” said Dr. Hamel.

To see photos and a special video from baby shark week, check out Saint Luke’s North Hospital’s Facebook page and Saint Luke’s on Instagram.