Saint Luke's Hospital 2020 Clinical Excellence Award Winners Complete List

August 19, 2020

Congratulations to all 43 recipients of the Saint Luke's Hospital 2020 Clinical Excellence Awards. While we were unable to hold the ceremony in person this year, all winners were honored in a virtual ceremony that was broadcast through Saint Luke's YouTube channel. A heartfelt thank you to all of the donors who made the Clinical Excellence Awards possible.

Clinical Excellence in Nursing Award

Madeline Begemann, RN, BSN – Medical Oncology

Sara Clarke, BSN, RN – Pulmonary B

Adrian Drummond, RN – Medical/Renal

Jamie Galaz, BSN, RN, CCRN – MSTICU

David Milan, BSN, RN, SCRN – NSICU

Kelly Moutray, BSN, RN, CCRN – CVICU

Logan Moutray, BSN, RN, CCTC – Abdominal Transplant

Katie Ourth, RN – Orthopedics

Julie Robinson, BSN, RN, PCNN – CV Prep & Recovery

Cara Schulenberg, BSN, RN – SICC

Dana Stearns, BSN, RN – Lab-Cardiovascular

Kristen Tunison, BSN, RN – MICC S

Brenna Van Maren, BSN, RN – Float Pool

Amy Young, BSN, RN, CNOR – CVOR

McCann Clinical Excellence in Nursing Award

Kim Bush, BSN, RN – E7 Neuro Medical Intermediate

Megan Hanna, RN – E1 Intermediate

Susie Hickman, RN – Cardiac Transplant

Katie Larson, BSN, RN – CICU

Jimmy Lee, RN – Digestive Disease Center

Adi Rollins, BSN, RN – Emergency Department

Brittany Spandle, BSN, RN – Surgical Intermediate

Nursing Assistant Award for Excellence in Patient Care

Faith Cannon, NA – Pulmonary B

Venoris "Vee" Jones, NA – Digestive Disease Center

Cynthia Phillips, NA – Surgery, Perianesthesia

Monique Powell, NA – Neuro 4 Oncology

Constance "Connie" Tinoco, NA – CVICU

Reevie Willis, NA – Recovery

Mary Beth Connor Memorial Award for Excellence in Perinatal Nursing

Maggie Rohan, BSN, RN – Mother/Baby

Caitlin Dailey Strapp, BSN, RN – Labor & Delivery

McMullen Memorial Award for Nursing Excellence in Cancer Care

Christy Christiansen, BSN, RN, OCN – Neuro 4 Oncology

Joe A. Pinkerton, Jr., MD Clinical Excellence Award in Nursing

Dawn Dingmon, RN – Surgical Services

Carolyn Monaco, BSN, RN – Surgery Perianesthesia

Garrett McConnell, ST – Surgical Services

Mary Reed Award in Nursing for Dedication to Nursing and Patient Care

Caryl Burris, BSN, RN – SICC

Gaven White Memorial Award for Excellence in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

Danielle Gathers, BSN, RN-NIC – NICU

Jane Holt Wythe Memorial Award

Deena McKay, RN, BSN – Home Health

Joann Paul Award for Nursing Quality

Joann Paul, RN, MSN

Marilyn M. Rymer, MD Stroke Program Founders Award for Excellence in Neuroscience Nursing

Emily Curran, BSN, RN – Neuro A

Debbie Summers, RN Stroke Program Founders Award for Excellence in Neuroscience Nursing

Mackenzie Gretencord, BSN, RN – Neuro 2

Rising Star Award

Leah Raymond, BSN, RN, CBC – Mother/Baby

Nursing Preceptor Award

Angela Parker, BSN, RN, CMSRN – Surgical Intermediate

Clinical Excellence in Advanced Practice Provider Award

Shannon Lynn, PA-C – Cardiovascular ICU

Nursing Leadership Excellence Award

Karla Goe, BSN, MSN, RC-NIC – NICU

DAISY Team Award

Cardiovascular ICU

In Memory of:

Yong Kang

Jessica Kelsey

Maryann Villanueva

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