Patient Story

A routine screening helped save Fabian

“My regular check-ups were good, so I thought I was fine.” - Fabian Hardy

Fabian Hardy has been healthy all his life: he served in the military, he consistently ate well – including fruits and vegetables – exercised, saw his doctor regularly and had a clean bill of health. So when Fabian came of the age to have a routine screening colonoscopy, he thought he probably didn’t need one.

“My regular check-ups were good, so I thought I was fine,” said Fabian.

Then an older friend who also led a healthy lifestyle encouraged him to have one. “That gentleman had cancerous polyps discovered at age 47 during a colonoscopy. I was 55. He was healthy like me,” said Fabian. Inspired by his story, Fabian and two other friends decided to have their screening colonoscopy. In Fabian’s case, a specialist at Saint Luke’s GI Specialists, found and completely removed a cancerous polyp. 

“I was very surprised,” said Hardy. “If it weren’t for this older gentleman, I probably wouldn’t have done it.” Like his older friend, Fabian’s outlook is great. 

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the U.S., and the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women combined. The good news is that it is very preventable, and the recent decline in colon cancer deaths indicates more people are getting their screening colonoscopy when suggested. Medicare and commercial insurances cover it. 

Fabian agrees: “Having your screening colonoscopy is well worth the time, and could possibly save your life.” 

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