KSHB: Local breast cancer survivor advocates for preventive mammograms

October 13, 2021

The survival rate for the cancer is in the 90th percentile for patients who catch the disease early and have an otherwise healthy medical history.

Katy Guzman, a breast cancer survivor, said early detection saved her life and shares her journey with KSHB

“I would rather have a mammogram that lasts for a minute every month of my life than ever have that feeling again when they call you and say, ‘You have cancer.’ I don't ever want that feeling again,” Guzman said.

“We screen women, traditionally, on a yearly basis starting at around 40,” Dr. Elizabeth Butler, Saint Luke's Breast Surgeon at Saint Luke's North Breast & Imaging Center and Katy's breast oncologist, said. “If you are having any symptoms — if you have any lumps, bumps, nipple discharge, any abnormal redness, any itching, anything like that, that should make you wanna call either your OBGYN or primary care."

Watch Katy's full story below. 

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