KMBC: Woman donates kidney, setting off history making chain of donations at Saint Luke's

More than 100,000 people are on the kidney transplant waiting list and many people could wait over 5 years for a kidney from a deceased donor. This is where living donors make a world of difference. Donating a kidney is the most frequent type of living organ donation and living kidney transplants have the highest success rate of all transplant procedures.

Saint Luke's is the oldest kidney transplant program and most experienced program in the region. Saint Luke's has our first-ever living kidney donor transplant chain that involves 3 pairs of transplants. 

A woman became a living organ donor to honor the loss of her young son. In doing so, she set off a chain of organ donations, bringing six people together in Kansas City for transplants and giving recipients a new chance at a healthy life.

Watch KMBC's full story below. 

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