There are currently 18 cases of measles on both sides of the state line. Dr. Todd Fristo, family physician with Saint Luke's Primary Care, talked with KMBC about why this measles outbreak is raising so many concerns.

"They've done studies showing if you're in an enclosed area and someone has measles, up to 90% of people can be infected with the virus. say there's 50 in a room. potentially 45 could get it, and , we don't know which of those are at higher risk than others."  said Dr. Fristo.

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Apr. 26, 2018
KMBC: Measles signs, symptoms, and information
The measles virus is a very contagious virus. Be aware of the symptoms and if you develop these symptoms, please call first before going in to seek medical care to help prevent spreading potential illness to others. 

Todd E Fristo, MD

Family Medicine