KMBC: Get the Facts on the Vax: Saint Luke's doctor answers questions about the COVID-19 vaccine

May 25, 2021

KMBC talked to Dr. Michael Main, interim CEO of Saint Luke's Physician Group, to get answers to viewer questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. See the answers below.

Question: Why would you need a vaccine if you've already had COVID-19?

Question: If I had COVID and quarantined at home, how long do I need to wait to get vaccinated?

Question: I have a history of reactions to vaccines and medications. For people like me, which vaccine would be safest?

Question: How do we know this vaccine is safe when most vaccines take years to develop?

Question: I have been vaccinated. Do I need to wear a mask around others who have not while we are indoors?

Question: Can the vaccine affect fertility?

Question: Is the dosage for 12 to 15 year olds the same as the adult dosage?

Question: What percentage of fully vaccinated persons are contracting COVID?

Question: Why should I get a vaccine if mask guidelines are being relaxed? Isn't the danger over?

Question: Can I get COVID from the vaccine?

Question: If you received the Pfizer vaccine for your first dose, is it okay to get Moderna for your second dose, or vice versa?



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