KMBC: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Can Be Linked to Rare Form of Heart Disease

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects millions of Americans, but what most people do not know is that it can be linked to a rare form of heart disease.

Michael Lane was diagnosed with amyloidosis, a condition in which protein in the body misshapes and builds up around different organs but is most deadly in the heart. Now, Michael is on an experimental drug that has improved his quality of life dramatically.

But before it gets to this stage, researchers have found that there may be a way to catch the condition early on in people that have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists.

"Getting patients early before they have heart disease is really the most important thing we can do," said Dr. Brett Sperry, a cardiologist at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute.

KMBC talked to Dr. Sperry about the study and Saint Luke's advanced treatment options for amyloidosis. Watch the full story below.

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