KCTV: Importance of family dinners

September 28, 2018

New research shows that having family dinners has many benefits for children. It can lessen obesity, decrease emotional stress and depression, help improve grades and are less likely to abuse substances and alcohol. 

Experts from Saint Luke's Crittenton Children's Center spoke with KCTV about the importance of family dinners and how they can help connect, bond and help children and parents.

Hear more about what the research is saying in the first segment on KCTV and how else it can help children.

Hear how you can get the entire family involved in creating a great family dinner in this segment.

Hear what types of conversation starters you can use to connect and learn more from your children then just 'how was your day' and checking in with them in this segment.

Hear what children really need and get from having regular family dinners in the last segment.