KCTV: Double Heart Transplant Patient and Donor Family Meet for the Ultimate Christmas Gift

December 28, 2018

Jamie traveled from Arkansas to Saint Luke's Hospital for her first heart transplant in 2002. She needed her second heart transplant 11 short years, in 2013, later due to heart failure. She was Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute 600th heart transplant.

The donor, Matt Sollar's grandma Mary saw Jamie's story on the news. She knew it in her gut that Jamie received Matt's heart. 

Jamie went through Midwest Transplant Network to connect with the Matt Sollar's family to thank them for the wonderful gift of life. Soon, they connected and created a very strong bond, but had never met in person. 

They finally came together to meet in person for the first time at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute's holiday party for heart recipients and donor families. Matt's family was able to hear his heart, through Jamie. 

KCTV's Rudy Harper came to help tell the story of their emotional reunion.