Kansas City Star: COVID put a dent in blood supplies. These two drives encourage Lee's Summit residents to help

September 18, 2020

Months after the COVID-19 pandemic took the United States by storm, the national blood shortage continues, and Lee's Summit is no exception.

With less people donating blood, a shortage is affecting the entire Kansas City metro area, as well as the Topeka and St. Joseph regions, according to the Community Blood Bank.

The Kansas City Star talked to Susie Krug, chief nursing officer of Saint Luke's East Hospital, about how the blood shortage is directly affecting the supply to hospitals.

“Blood administration is needed for a variety of ailments and is essential to recovery of many illnesses,” Krug said.

“COVID does have some complexities related to blood and blood products that are essential for treating this disease, so we need donations of blood. And for those who have recovered from COVID, (we need) their donation of convalescent plasma. Every unit counts.”

Find out when the next community blood drives will be held and read the full Kansas City Star article: COVID put a dent in blood supplies. These two drives encourage Lee's Summit residents to help

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