Kansas City Star: Chiefs 'not my heartbreakers.' But Super Bowl win triggers Missouri woman's heart attack

Before the Super Bowl, 49-year-old Angela Manville chuckled at a newspaper story headline on Facebook that warned Kansas City Chiefs fans could have a heart attack while watching the big game

But just two and a half hours after the game, Angela--an avid Chiefs fan herself--was in the Emergency Department at Saint Luke's North Hospital-Barry Road.

"She told me she had developed chest pain right after the ending of the Chiefs game, just an aching in her chest that went down her arm. She thought maybe it was heartburn, didn't think much of it," Dr. Laura Schmidt, a Saint Luke's cardiologist, told the Kansas City Star.

Angela suffered a SCAD, or spontaneous coronary artery dissection, which is when a tear inside a coronary artery causes a heart attack. It's the leading cause of heart attacks in women under 50, and much is still unknown about what causes it.

Saint Luke's is one of 10 sites across the country participating in the iSCAD registry. The study will follow patients like Angela for three years to learn more about the condition.

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Photo of Angela Manville, SCAD heart attack survivor

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