June 13, 2018

As a faith based organization, Saint Luke's Health System takes pride in the diversity of our health system and encompassing all faiths in which our patients and employees practice. 

At Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City, the administration came to our spiritual wellness team to help provide a space for Muslims to pray, not only on a regular basis, but especially during Ramadan. Ramadan a holy month dedicated to prayer, Quran recitation, introspection and fasting from food and water from dawn to sunset. It is a time of spiritual reflection, improvement in one's good habits and increased time for devotion and worship. 

Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City will permanently have a dedicated space for Muslim employees and patients to come pray. If you are interested in utilizing this space, please ask for directions at one of the information desks.

Watch the story on FOX4 how Ramadan is celebrated at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City.